Covid-19 Statement

As you know, every year, Influenza and other viruses target children, pregnant women, the elderly and people who have sever health issues.

We all have been overwhelmed by Coronavirus or COVID-19 and the impact on people’s health this last year. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, also known as the CDC has reported that cleanliness and hygiene (or the lack thereof) in the home play a huge part in the spread of these viruses.

Here, at ecoGlow Cleaning, LLC, our staff and our customers are treated like family. We love and care about our family so we want to make sure to keep everyone healthy!

For the safety of our customers and our cleaning technicians we are wearing mask, glows and shoe covers upon entry to your home. We also suggest customers to wash the towels that were used for cleaning your home. We will provide you with the set of new microfiber towels that will only be used in your home, which is truly only to protect you and the ones you love. The towels are color coded so there will be no chance to spread any virus. Using separate tools and equipment is the best way we know to prevent the spread of viruses. Prevention is the best cure.

So when you become Recurring customer of ecoGlow Cleaning, LLC, you will receive a new mop, bucket, and a bundle of microfiber cleaning towels. These towels will need to be washed in hot water and ⅛ cup of bleach after each visit. We also recommend using your vacuum cleaner. We understand this can be confusing, but we want you to understand that your health as our customer is our priority. This practice is our very best effort to keep illness at bay.

ecoGlow Cleaning, LLC, will go the extra mile to make you feel safe and satisfied with our services. We will always send the same cleaning tech(s) to your house when possible, so there is no guessing who will be cleaning for you. When our cleaning tech(s) leave your house it will be sparkling from top to bottom. We are all about health, safety and happiness! We truly care about each one of our customers and we love to show it! It is our mission to give back to our community and be there to help keep every home and business squeaky clean and infection-free.

Also, if you haven’t heard, during this time we are offering FREE cleanings to our overworked and exhausted healthcare workers by accepting donations of cleaning minutes from our current clients. We all have the power to help each other through this in one way or another, so please accept our invitation to this opportunity to help our mission and give back to your community too!

As always, we at ecoGlow Cleaning, LLC, wish you all the goodness there is for everyone to have and enjoy. Be safe, healthy and happy!